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Charge into the Future!

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Have you made the switch to an Electric Vehicle? Enjoy the convenience of an at-home EV Charging Station, installed by the certified professionals at L2 Electrical, Batemans Bay, your local Level 2 Electrician.

With varying functionality, power delivery, installation requirements and cost, we understand it can be tricky to decipher the ever-expanding EV Charger market. L2 Electrical will help you find the right charger for your needs, and power up your eco-conscious future.

Choose from a range of sleek designs that will compliment your home or business, while offering the convenience of owning your own charging station – we’ll do the rest.

Aside from aesthetics, there’s some other things to consider when choosing your EV Charger:

  • Do you have Single-Phase or Three-Phase power in your home or office?
  • What plug type do you require for your vehicle?
  • Would you prefer a tethered or untethered cable?
  • Are you charging from solar?


L2 Electrical, Batemans Bay can help you answer these questions and more, while offering competitive installation costs and ongoing support.

All EV Chargers must be installed by a qualified electrician in order to meet the safety standards.

Contact L2 Electrical on 0403 085 112 and charge into the future!

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